Herpes Heal Kit Large


Product Description

This combination is by far and way the most effective medicine I have used for herpes break outs. And trust me, I’ve tried many. I’ve written about my process emotional process here and how I make and use this medicine here, if you want to learn more. The ingredients for these medicines are wildcrafted from un-ceded Sinixt territory. The tincture is sweet and gentle and the salve is smooth and soothing. Both are anti-viral and calming to the nervous system.

Tincture ingredients: lemonbalm, usnea, water, glycerine, brandy. 50 ml.
Salve ingredients: usnea, lemonbalm, olive and grapeseed oil, beeswax. 2 oz.

Lemonbalm is very gentle and safe for almost everyone to use. People who are pregnant, especially if they also suffer from kidney challenges, may want to use caution with usnea. It is advised that pregnant folks not use usnea for longer than 3 weeks.