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do you have a challenging spiritual, emotional, mental or physical health concern that has left you feeling unsure about who to turn to for support?

when you talk to health care professionals do they refuse to acknowledge connections between your emotional and spiritual landscape, and your physical health, leaving you feeling poorly witnessed or coerced into inappropriate care plans?

maybe you feel called to work with plant allies, but also feel unsure about this because of concerns regarding appropriation or settler privilege and entitlement?

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perhaps you’re looking for someone to support you who has an awareness of social justice principals?

someone who understands queerness, gender non-conformity and the impacts of misogony and oppression?

someone who is doing their best to unpack privilege without stepping into feelings of guilt or shame?

someone who does their best to gather knowledge and medicine with a sense of solidarity towards indigenous people?

then you probably want to book a consultation with andi grace.

you can book a consultation by sending andi an email at andi[@]andigracewrites.com.


here’s what others have had to say about their work:

“A HUGE HUGE factor in my current state of wellness is andi grace’s herbal medicines that they shared with me. I made my own tinctures at Andi’s instructions with the prepared locally derived herbs, lichens and roots they provided me. I have been taking some consistently and some only when I feel a nasal twinge, or a tightening in my throat, or when someone else around me gets sick. I can’t speak to how grateful I am. I remember that my life used to be that I was sick for six months straight, with days that looked hopeful and only led back to more sick, not the opposite. If you’re struggling with health and you want to add one more layer to your foundation of taking it into your own hands, they are the person to talk to.”


“I appreciate how accessible andi is. they have always made their work relateable, relaxed, and incredibly non judgemental. Anything that comes to them feels held. I feel really safe and trusting of their work, their medicine, their workshops.”

from Women Who Farm's Facebook

a consultation usually lasts about an hour and includes a free flowing discussion where andi will ask you questions about your concern, listen to your story and offer advice or suggestions based on what you’ve told them. often they will also leave the conversation to do further research and report back to you with more information.

you and andi will decide together, in the consultation, the desired outcome of your meeting. maybe they will suggest pre-made medicines from their apothecary the witch’s cabinet. they might also suggest diet or lifestyle changes, or magical strategies including ritual and tarot practices. they may also offer discount tuition to one of their upcoming workshops or give you suggestions so you can gather and make your own medicine.

ultimately they are here to serve your path. its about what works for you: helping you make empowered and informed choices that support your best wellness.

from Sofia Marino on Facebook
from Sofia Marino on Facebook

the fee for consultation is $20 – $80 pay what you can.

any consultation you book with andi is 100% confidential.

its possible andi might speak with other care providers to get deeper insight into your questions, but they will only do so with your expressed permission.

again, you can book a consultation today by emailing andi at andi[@]andigracewrites.com

and if you’re prefer to work with an indigenous herbalist, or someone of another identity that andi doesn’t hold, feel free to send them an email and they will refer you to someone.