are you looking for an empathic and well practiced facilitator with a strong grasp of social justice principals?

someone who understands power and privilege and can hold an encouraging, inspring and warm learning space?

then andi might be the right witch for you.

andi brings many years of youth support work, front-line harm reduction practice, community activism, magical practice and feminist academic study to their work as a community educator. they are excited about holding and creating a wide variety of learning spaces, particularly those that pertain to queer, herbal, magical and social justice aims.

you can get a glimpse of their facilitation style by reading the 8 community agreements they use to create trust in workshops.

andi is available to facilitate workshops, assist in the creation of online courses and consult on the creation of educational resources. if you are interested in working with them send an email to to discuss your project.


some of the learning spaces they will be holding in the near future are:

courting pennyroyal: herbal allies for contraception – July 24th in East Van details available here. there is also a recording of this workshop available here.

Film 4

here is what andi’s community has to say about their facilitation skills:

Andi has a unique capacity to facilitate workshops that encourage participation from everyone who attends. They are compassionate and conscious towards the experiences youth may carry, especially when the youth they are working with may be marginalized for any reason. They are very skilled at using humour, honesty and clear communication to break down complicated and challenging concepts, in such a way that they become approachable and digestible.

– Anita Robers founder of Safeteen

I really liked working with Andi co-facilitating a non-violent direct action workshop. They are a strong facilitator, but also very personable. I felt immediately at ease while working with her. I also liked the intention they put into ensuring the space was inclusive to diverse communities, by setting group norms and getting to know the people in the room.

– Brigette DePape of Council of Canadians

Co-facilitating and organizing along with Andi has brought many activists and organizers much needed non-violent skill sets. Skill that keep the learners feeling heard, believed and respected. The skill sets are delivered in a manner that shows the respect and integrity we wish upon our world.

– Mel Bazil working in solidarity with Unistoten Camp

Over the past several years I have been in several workshops facilitated by Andi Grace, both as a co-facilitator and a participant. Andi leads thoroughly planned trainings while also adapting to the emerging needs of participants. Her deep understanding of intersectional oppression, power and violence ensure that her sessions are empowering in the true sense of the word.

– Sean Devlin founder of

I have attended a few workshops hosted by Andi over the past few years. I have found her facilitation style to be really supportive, thoughtful and informative. I have left the workshops feeling empowered, heard, and with many things to think about.

– Jackie Mac host of Animal Voices

Andi brings a passionate energy to her facilitation and writing that allows her to deconstruct complex systems while holding space with warmth and compassion. They are often connecting folks from many communities and expanding networks. Andi has a strong intersectional analysis that they apply to her work with youth, in harm reduction, activism, writing, and facilitation.

– Rachel Elmy member of Rising Tide Coast Salish Territories