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Workshop: Courting Pennyroyal – herbal allies for contraceptive care

this workshop has come and gone, but you can purchase a recording of it here.

For thousands of years fertile and menstruating people have worked with herbs to affect our moon cycles. Many of our ancestors experienced dire persecution for holding this sacred knowledge, simply because it is and was so powerful. For generations these skills were forced deep underground, nestled safely in the dark-dampness of forest tree roots, leaving the present day generations of witches, healers and bleeders without the knowledge so many of us crave.

It is time to dig this knowledge back up from the roots.

Today it is often challenging to find accurate information about herbal contraception. Often the available information is decontextualized or fear mongering, so as to turn people away from the power that lies dormant in our blood, bones and dream life.

my moontime blend

This workshop is designed to give people the skills to become more deeply in touch with our moon cycles. Much will be covered in this workshop including cycle charting, myth-busting, safer sex practices, herbal allies and medicine making, ethical wildcrafting, harm reduction, and the spiritual/energetic aspects of herbal contraception.

People of all genders are welcome at this workshop.

This workshop is taking place in person at the Nelson Women’s Center (un-ceded Sinixt Territory) on April 16th from 10 am to 4 pm.

It is also taking place online April 24th from 1 pm to 4pm PST.

Both workshops will utilize 8 community agreements, which will be looked at, amended and/or adopted during the workshop.

The sliding scale for the in person workshop is $30 to $100. Sliding scale for the online workshop is $20 to $50. Payment plans are available. Trades for medicine making supplies, or home grown food are also available. You must arrange the trade with me over email through the registration process. Trades that have not been consensually agreed upon by both of us before the workshop will not be honoured.

All participants will receive an online list of resources as well as a paper copy of my herbal abortion poster, which will be mailed to you upon registration, if you are taking the online webinar. Participants will also receive 10% off everything in my witches’ cabinet for up to 1 month after the workshop.

Courting PennyRoyal

The online workshop will take place on google chat + prezi. An email will be sent out prior to the workshop with a link to the meeting room. A follow up email will be sent after the workshop with resources mentioned in the workshop.

The in-person workshop will allow for taste testing herbs as well as interacting with different cycle tracking tools. The online workshop will include references to these tools and where to find them, as well as some tools being sent out online. The three hour online workshop will be a bit more lecture based, but there will be space for discussion and for all participants to interact with eachother as well as ask questions and crowdsource answers.

Your registration email will give you more information about my background in this work and my teachers.

I look forward to connecting with you all. <3



Radio Interview: Expanding Abortion Care in Nelson BC (un-ceded Sinixt territory)

Last Monday members of the Reproductive Health Coalition were interviewed on Sex Drugs and How We Roll for Kootenay Co-op Radio. We talked about the pro-life banner that was recently hung above Baker St for the second week of November, as well as what needs to change for access to abortion care in our community to be improved.

You can listen to the interview here:

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 3.03.00 PM

Open Letter Regarding Anti-Abortion Banner Hung in Nelson BC

To the residents of Nelson, Mayor Deb Kozak, and Nelson City Council,

We are a group of harm reduction and reproductive justice advocates and service providers. We work closely with the people of this city who are seeking a wide variety of health care provisions and support, including but not limited to, access to abortion. We recognize this is a contentious issue and one that sits tenderly in the hearts and bodies of many. It is not our desire to villainize or shame anyone for their choices. Rather we are writing this letter to advocate for a different approach to this conversation. One that relies less on black and white thinking and more on cooperation and respect.

We feel that the banner pictured above, which hung above Baker street for a full week in November, runs the risk of alienating and silencing anyone who has chosen to have an abortion, or anyone who has considered doing so. Abortion is a deeply personal choice. Whatever our aims, whether they are to create safer access to abortion, or reduce the number of abortions that are happening, shaming people is never a helpful tactic. Shame merely leaves people drowning in fear and hiding in shadows. This is particularly harmful when what pregnant people often need is non-judgemental support and access to a range of choices that allow them to feel empowered, rather than forced.

We urge you, especially those of you with decision making power at City Hall, to consider whether, as a community, we want to condone this type of message. Are we a community that wants to shame people? Or do we want to support people to make informed and well supported choices, whatever they may be. Many Canadians fought to legalize abortion, and to many people a banner that opposes this right is experienced as discriminatory and offensive. Considering the nature of this banner’s content, we urge you to reconsider whether this banner should even be allowed to be displayed so publicly above the town we live in.

No one wants to live in fear of judgement from their community. And we don’t believe anyone needs to, no matter what their choices are. Disagreement is a natural part of sharing community.

It’s how we carry that disagreement that defines our character.

We would much prefer, and seek to encourage through our work, a message that encourages safety, access to a wide range of choices and ultimately respect for all of human life. We feel this work must include the rights and needs of pregnant people facing complex and often challenging choices.


The Reproductive Health Coalition of the Kootenays

West Kootenay Women’s Association
Tansy Collective: Full Spectrum Abortion and Miscarriage Doulas

Members of the Reproductive Health Coalition want to make this letter available widely, both so our words are on public record, but also so that other communities can copy the letter and use it as a template to instigate similar discussions. Please feel free to share our words and engage in dialogue.


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