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recipe: grain free salmon salad ‘sandwich’

one of the things i miss about eating (mostly) grain free, is sandwiches. partially because i think bread is delicious, but mostly because sandwiches are easy, filling and can be nutritious.

today i discovered a simple and delicous alternative to one of my favourite sandwiches: tuna salad.

i made this salad by combining wild canned salmon with a few tablespoons of home-made mayonaise and keeping the juices from the salmon in the bowl. then i tossed the thin wet mixture over mixed lettuce greens and voila! delicious, grain free, nutritious salad.

this recipe is quick, easy and most of all satisies my tuna salad cravings.


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recipe: whole egg herb infused mayonnaise

when i first tasted home-made mayo a part of my brain exploded in a really pleasurable way. since learning how to make my own, and swapping secrets with inspiring friends and neighbours, i could never go back to store bought mayo. plus we have a flock of 25 chickens and are always looking for creative ways to eat eggs.

when my mayo is homemade i know all the ingredients are well sourced. i can tweek the flavours to specific meals and it’s actually cheaper to eat home-made than to buy mayo in the store.

it saves me money to make mayo that is good for me and more delcious than what i could buy in the store.

basically home-made mayo is a dream and a half and i’m so excited to share it with you.

when my mayo game really leveled up was when i discovered i could infuse herbs into it. this means my mayo is made with eggs from my yard, organic canola that is robust with omega 3’s (similar to flax oil) and nutritious delicious wild crafted herbs.

and it tastes so good!

lots of mayo recipes say you should discard egg whites, i disagree. personally i think discarding whites is wasteful and unneccessary. but really, its all up to you. this recipe is how i make mayo, take it as a template and play with it. what matters is that your food tastes good to you and nourishes your body and soul.

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 5.34.23 PM

here’s the recipe:

2 large eggs or 3 small eggs
2 tsp lemon juice (or herb infused apple cider vinegar)generous pinch of salt
generous pinch of pepper
generous pinch of chili powder
2 tsp dijon mustard
2 tsp of honey
2 cups organic canola oil (could be a wide variety of oils and could be gently infused with herbs)

to make mayo i crack the eggs into a 1 liter mason jar and add all the ingredients other than the oil. I blend the mixture well with a hand blender, but you could do this in a stand up blender or with a whisk if that’s what you got.

you can play with the salt/sweet/spice ratios to get a blend that makes the most sense for you. what i’ve listed here is the recipe that tastes great to me. when i first started making mayo i used rosehip infused ACV and it was divine. you can infuse ACV by adding a small amount of herbs to the bottle, or putting herbs in a mason jar and covering them with ACV. some herbs i’d suggest playing with are nettles, calendula, roses, plantain, garlic, dandelion – but really anything that tickles your fancy and tastes good could work wonders.

once the blend is all mixed up i turn on the hand blender and slowly drizzle the oil over the blender in a delicate little trickle. the oil has to be added in a slow drizzle until the emulsion sets in. the emulsion usually unfolds at the half way mark. you can tell because the mayo will change consistency to a thick mixture that has less movement through the blender blade. the mayo ceases to be a liquid. once this happens you can add the rest of the oil as quick as you like.

if you are going to play with infusing oil for mayo i’d suggest going easy on the herbs. oil is the main ingredient in mayo. if you go to hard the mayo will taste very strongly of the herbs you infused. the infused oil i use for mayo has been infused for a day with a few tablespoons of herbs, rather than a full jar of herbs infused for weeks or months – which is what i would use for a salve. i encourage to you play with it. be creative and send me the recipes you come up with and absolutely love.

i hope you enjoy this recipe! <3

ps: on the regular residents at the homostead eat this mayo mixed with homemade nettle pesto. it’s divine and i highly suggest you try it.

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Firewood Season

love affair with a mouse fed cat
turning round on shoulder pin point
warm whisky whiskers brush cheeks

roads cobblestoned of shit and straw
dirt birthed beneath rain boot steps
chainsaws cutting through overcast

sap sizzles smokey in the stove
living room hearth
no south facing candles needed

recently seasoned cast iron pan
soup pot cauldron
kitchen witches summer savoury

canning lid opened for the first time
peaches and cream winter solstice
elder berry hot toddies

morning light through shower window
tears drops gather on plastic
flush steam pillows

snow:top of inhale
ice: bottom of exhale
frozen bouquets of medicine

wood splits straight down

tattoos of dirt
bacon grease

at sunrise, at moonrise: pillow forts
glowing skin for flashlights
crayons, felt tips and kisses glitter

this poem appears in my chapbook 13 months feral.

also, i am hosting a poetry workshop at the Nelson Women’s Center on January 16th 2016 from 1 to 4 pm for women, folks who have experienced trauma and LGBTQI+ folks of any gender. if you’re interested, stop by. it’s a $20 to $40 sliding scale with no-one turned away for lack of funds. you can learn more details about the workshop on the facebook page here. and if you’re reading this past that date, but want to hear more about my workshops, you can join the mailing list or check out the community education page of this site. <3


witchy holiday gifts with a whole Lotta <3


Are you looking for holiday gifts (for yourself or your loved ones) that are sweet, healing, practical, affordable and non-toxic? Would it be extra-special if these gifts supported the livelihood of a community-supported-witch? Then perhaps I have what you are looking for!

With a few exceptions, all of my medicine is wild crafted from the land I live on: a queer and trans land project called the homostead, located in the Kootenays on unceded sinixt territory.

All my prices are sliding scale, but I can give you a sweet and simple total if you send me an email to andi[@] with what you are looking to order. I accept payment through a wide range of means including paypal, interac etransfer, cheque, money order and some trades. Soon I will make the medicines available in my shop, but for now just send me an email and we can work out the price and availability and price of your order together. Ingredients lists for all of these gifts are available upon request.


Here’s some things I have on offer right now:

12333157_798457686950224_857473339_oGood morning sunshine glycerite: this tincture is sweet and nutritious and will help brighten your mood and calm upset digestive systems. 10 to 50 ml bottles available. $10 to $25 sliding scale depending on size.

Arthritis salve: this salve is a soothing and anti-inflammatory mix of catnip and calendula, with an optional mama mary jane addition. 1 oz and 2 oz availble. $15 to $35 sliding scale depending on size and ingredients.

Witches Flying Ointment: made with henbane, rose and cottonwood this salve is great for anyone seeking to learn more about western european magical plant traditions. Great for prayer, magic making, ritual and muscle pain. 1 oz available. $20.

Herbal deodorant: this deodorant is the best! It’s the best deodorant I’ve ever used. Plus it is also gentle and healing to damaged and sensitive skin. I can add many different medicinal and essential oils depending on your needs. 1 or 2 oz available. $10 to $30 sliding scale depending on size.tumblr_nnpfg9JmKk1rlozhio6_1280

Toothpaste: simple, non-toxic, vegan and nourishing this toothpaste can include mint stevia or not, and it’s is easy to use. 1 or 2 oz available. $7 to $27 sliding scale depending on size.

Incense: this loose blend is packed with beautiful wildcrafted plants. It’s great for clearing spaces and calling in ancestors. 1 oz and 2 oz available. $10 to $20 depending on size.

Sweet Rose Kiss Balm: made with rose, plantain, calendula, beeswax and sweet almond oil. These salves also include fat from our sweet and very happy pigs. This balm works amazingly to heal chronically dry or damaged skin. 0.25, 1 and 2 oz available. $5 to $35 depending on size.

Photo on 2015-09-15 at 4.59 PM #6Single glycerites and salves: I have loads of medicines that are gentle and effective including usnea, fir, calendula and catnip salves and rosehip, ginger, burdock and oregon grape glycerites. Glycerites are sweet tinctures that are safe for folks who would rather not use alcohol and often gentle enough for kids to use as well. All of these medicines taste and smell amazing and I can offer advice on what you can use them for. If you think you could use a sweet and gentle herbal medicine, let me know and I’ll help you make a match. <3

Herbal consultations: are you curious about working with herbs but literally have no idea where to start? Or maybe you have been working with herbs but you need a bit more guidance or just a second opinion? You can book a consultation with me where I will walk you through a needs assessment and whip up a special blend of medicine, made just for you. You can also offer this gift to a loved one through a gift certificate.

DSCF4224Tarot card readings: Beyond herbalism I’m also a tarot card reader with very affordable rates. Plus I have a money back guarantee: if you don’t get something out of your 1 hour reading I will give you a refund no questions asked. You can purchase a reading for yourself or a loved one here.

And finally.. maybe poetry is more your thing? Great! I just released a poetry chapbook that is all about healing, magic and sweet queer love. You can purchase it here.

If you are interested in ordering any of the plant medicine listed above, send me an email at with your order. Payments can be made through pay-pal, e-transfer, money order or cheque – or direct through the website for tarot readings and chapbooks. I will often offer discounts for larger orders so buying more will usually save you money.

All of this medicine is made lovingly in small batches so these offerings only stand as supplies last. That being said I am always making medicine and you can keep abreast of my offerings by joining my mailing list or following me on facebook. All salves are made with beeswax but many can be made with vegan wax, upon request.

I and very much looking forward to hearing from you. <3



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Us: Yeah totally. You know, you could leave if you wanted to.
Every city person: Oh I want to! Maybe I’ll just save up and leave one day.

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