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Update on the Witch Cabinet – supporting radical witchcraft

hello friends,

i have some much anticipated updates for you on the status of my apothecary.

first of all i want you to know that at this point i am not planning to close the witch cabinet.

since i last wrote and explained to you that my apothecary had been reported to the state i’ve done loads of research and reading, pondering and gathering.

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at this point it’s not totally clear to me what will happen to me or my business if i don’t comply to the rules. from what i understand a breech of the rules would be treated on a case by case basis and the majority of herbalists either adhere to the rules or go underground. i’m not sure i want to do either of those things, so i’m still pondering my next steps.

all that being said i’m starting to understand what the rules are and how they work. i’m coming to understand the pieces i disagree with and the pieces i can see myself adhering to.

one piece of the health “canada” regulations is that it becomes easier to share herbal medicine with folks who are under my care. what this means is that if you want to keep (or start) purchasing herbal products from me, it will be a lot easier for you to do that (now and into the future) if you book a consultation with me.


til samhain i’m offering herbal consulations on a pay what you can basis.

a consultation lasts about an hour and can be done in person, on the phone or over skype or google chat.

consultations are 100% confidential.

if you plan to purchase herbal products from me in the future, i’d highly suggest booking a consultation with me.


booking a consultation will give you access to my apothecary at a 10% discount as well as free shipping for whatever i send you, as long as it can be sent in october 2016.

email me at to book today. <3

i look forward to hearing from you.

and as always, i’m deeply grateful for you support.



if you believe in my work and want to support me on a monthly basis for $3 – $20 you can sign up to do so here. you can also book a tarot card reading with me where 50% of the money goes to #blacklivesmatter.




as embers cool across the forest floor

it is terrifyingly humbling to drown in smoke

witness chimneys made of old growth

watch mushroom clouds rise from the canopies

warm our bodies at mountain range hearths

wade through plumes of smouldering incense


you can watch it all from our front stoop

or the passenger seat of our beat up butch toyota

see the sun set neon clementine between the western ranges

watch the gleaming blood moon rise from the eastern cedars


tears are chased burning from our vision

while breath clings hidden deep in the roots of our lungs

begging for lungwort. usnea. cabbage and cottonwood.

every living thing is bent in prayer for rain


i can’t help but wonder, is this our life now?

will we ever see the river from this perch again?

will smoke masks keep arriving in the mail?

is this what breathing has become?


as the smoke clears we bath in the sweet milk of relief

relief that our home still stands, surrounded by sprinklers

relief that we have last minute refuge in every direction,

but we didn’t need to use it

we didn’t pack our goats and chickens and memories

into a pick up truck and drive in any direction where the road is still open

relief that the the rain has washed away the ash from our windshields

relief knowing that “burnt to the ground” happened across a different highway,

than the one in front of our house

relief in the sweet sunbeam of temporary blue sky reprieve


we are dancing cautiously with a fleet footed fever

our backs turned, we’re whispering about her

bouquets of yarrow in our hands


we are praying at a hearth brought to our feet

an altar built of our desire for convenience

we are being smudged clean by lessons we neglected

ancient wisdom we turned away from, called primitive

our path is a trail of spilt blood and gunpowder across the forest floor

we are walking blindfolded, into the end of days

our hearts yearning to be cleansed

palms open, waiting to be kissed by lightning


if you’d like to support my work, you can purchase my poetry chap book 13 months feral. it’s also possible to become a monthly donor to my site, order a tarot card reading, an herbal consultation, or purchase something from my shop the witches cabinet.


On Leaving Yoga: One Year Later

Last year I published my most widely read piece of writing Why I Stopped Teaching Yoga: My Journey into Spiritual, Political Accountability.

Recently I did an interview on Heart and Spirit, a show on Kootenay Coop Radio, where I spoke about my feelings regarding yoga, my experience as a teacher and community organizer, cultural appropriation, and the importance of connecting to our ancestral roots.

You can listen to that interview here:

The interview starts at about 8 minutes.

if you believe in this work and you want to support it’s continued existence, please consider becoming a donor to the site  or booking a tarot card reading with andi. until the end of 2015 donors will receive poetry chapbooks and herbal medicine for signing up. donations start as low as $3/month and you can cancel anytime. this site is fully donor funded so your donations make a huge difference. <3


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“Eradicating these practices was a necessary condition for the capitalist rationalization of work, since magic appeared as an illicit form of power and an instrument to obtain what one wanted without work, that is, a refusal of work in action. “Magic kills industry” “ – from Caliban and the Witch

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