IMGP7411andi grace is an author, poet, community educator, folk herbalist and online tarot card reader. you can support their work monthly here.

basically they are a chainsaw-wielding-femme-witch who lives in a tiny white house on a dreamy queer homosteading project, in the west kootenays of so called british columbia. while they are deeply committed to their home, the homostead, they also acknowledge they are a visitor on the land upon which it sits: un-ceded sinixt territory.

andi carries a keen understanding of anti-oppression that is woven seamlessly through their wild rose heart. their work is sex-worker positive, patriarchy destroying, capitalism crushing, and it seeks to gracefully acknowledge their class, settler and white privilege. their magic and teaching exists to complicate static notions of whiteness by exploring ancestral ties, which andi holds through british, irish, northern scottish and german mennonite relations. they also seek to commune with, honour and untangle the spells of their ancestors of struggle – be they queer, femme, witch, gender-bending, or lace wearing hustlers and working girls.


andi came to the swirling whirl of magical goodness that is their work and path, through a wide range of learnings and unlearnings. they studied social justice academically through ubc’s institute for gender, race, sexuality and social justice and also at ubc’s first nations studies program. that being said, their deepest social justice learning came from being a part of many activist and front line initiatives. their activist work has included but is not limited to feminist violence prevention with safeteen, 2010 olympic resistance and activism around affordable housing and gentrification in vancouver’s downtown east side. they also lived at occupy vancouver, organized and lobbied against the enbridge gateway pipeline, facilitated white settler caucuses at the unistoten camp, coordinated and created an anti-oppressive yoga collective and have trained hundreds of people to participate in creative and effective non-violent direct action. now a day’s their activism work revolves more around at-home-abortion advocacy, festival-based harm reduction and rebel-rousing through medicine making, poety and magic.


since moving away from un-ceded coast salish territories andi’s work has shifted from front line and urban activism towards more creative and magical pursuits. they see homesteading as part of a vibrant diversity of tactics and fancy themselves something of an emily dickinson of the internet.

andi has learned magic, tarot and plant medicine from a wide variety of teachers including rain crow, living medicine project, starhawk, rosemary gladstar, molly dutton-kenney, la Loba and most importantly a wide range of plant allies. some of their favourite plants to work with are cottonwood, calendula, nettles, valerian, yarrow, mugwort, chamomile and wild roses.