out with the old

rebirth of the witch cabinet: closing my public apothecary

friends and community,

i’m writing you with a particularly heavy heart. the moons rising in the season of dwindling light have worked me hard. since i last wrote to you all i have left my home, the homostead, as well as my life-team-mate who i shared a home and baby with. this transition has been challenging for me. it’s set me deep into a cocooning, transforming time – much like the plants and forest that surround me.

i am not yet ready to emerge back out of the cocoon, but as i sit here, i am visioning. i am breathing and healing and crying my way through it. basking in the warmth and support you all have been offering me in this tender time.

i have ideas for the future and announcements about pieces i am laying to rest. read on to discover the shifts i’m envisioning.

you can purchase this salve on my etsy.

the big news is: i am closing the public side of my apothecary

as many of you know, this summer my apothecary was reported to the government. in response i removed many products from my shop and decided to shift towards a consultation based model, still planning to make and share physical remedies. then chaos ensued and i found my apothecary packed into boxes. this physical instability showed me how much my practice was tied to housing stability¬† and to the land i gathered from, unceded sinixt territory. i have no idea what my future holds right now, but i do know i can’t commit to making, packaging and providing remedies on a consistent basis without a stable home base.

the other reason i am choosing to close the public side of my apothecary is due to the balance of financial security as compared to magical and emotional labour my practice requires. i spend hours and hours gathering medicine, as well as writing about how i gathered it, sharing and packaging it, consulting with people, answering their questions, sharing ideas and offering emotional labour. while some of this work is paid, much of it is not. i love engaging with community in this way, and i also need to have financial security so that in times of chaos and trauma my work allows me to meet my basic needs like feeding and housing myself.

you can purchase this salve on my etsy.

so what will come in the place of my beloved apothecary?

the other part of my work that i love deeply is creating learning spaces with and for witches, herbalists and femmes. weaving heart-centered anti-oppression through magic making. my plan is to focus on these aspects of my business and create downloadable education resources, as well as host in-person and online workshop spaces.

this means you all will have more and more chances to increase your own relationship to the plant world as well as to communities of like minded witches and femmes who wish to lift up your dreams and affirm your wisdom.

i may still make and share some herbal products, but they will be far less of my focus in the coming year. at this point i also plan to keep writing, reading tarot and providing herbal consultation care. that being said writing and community education will become my main focus.

you can purchase my poetry book on my etsy
you can purchase my poetry book on my etsy.

how can you get your hands on what is left of the witch cabinet’s medicines and remedies?

good question. one way is to make an order through my etsy.

you can email me at andi@andigracewrites.com to make an order if there is something specific you are interested in that is not on my etsy – such as mandrake salves, mugwort and pennyroyal tinctures, sunscreen and bugspray. i am open to offers around price, because i want to sell and trade as much of the remaining products as i can, so i can use the money to launch my new endeavours. and i want these remedies in community because that is where they belong.

at this point my plan is to attend 2 solstice markets in east van, un-ceded coast salish territory. the radical spirits market and the homesteaders emporium market. you can join me at both these markets as a chance to connect and purchase remedies on a pay-what-its-worth scale.

in the coming months i plan to close my etsy and re-open the shop on my site with loads of educational resources, poetry, consultations services and anything else i’m selling. this is no simple undertaking, and i hope this consultation will serve me AND the community i serve as well.

speaking of which, i’m on the look-out for a savvy and witchy web and graphic designer who would like to work with me through this transition. you can email me at andi@andigracewrites.com if you are interested in working with me.

you can purchase this salve on my etsy.

i really can’t say enough how much your support and kindness means to me and the continual existence of my work. it would be literally impossible for me to be a community supported witch without you, my community.

from my fierce and tender heart to yours,


ps: if you love my work and want to see it continuing, in ways where i can consistently meet my basic needs, even through trauma and chaos, you can support my work by committing to make a monthly donation. every amount counts, and while money is not the main reason i do this, it does make the work possible in the long term.

<3 <3 <3

and here is a sweet picture of me and my pup dolly..