Homostead Seeks Summer WOOFer and Landmate

Are you looking for a sweet escape this summer? Where you can eat wild berries and swim every afternoon in a turquoise river?

Hoping to learn some rural living skills like gardening, wildcrafting, barn building or animal care – in a queer and trans friendly environment?

Maybe you just want to make friends with some goats and pigs and dance the night away?

DSC_5509 (1)

Then we might have the opportunity for you!

The Homostead is queer and trans land project located on un-ceded Sinixt territory. We are seeking one renter and one WOOFer. We’d also potentially be open to two renters.

We just had our summer rental fall through due to a family emergency so we are looking for a renter and WOOFer as early as May 1st. These arrangements could last until the end of September. It is possible that the rental arrangement could continue into fall and winter and even beyond, if it feels good for everyone.

Click here to read the detailed guidelines we’ve set out for renters and WOOFers.


The long and short of it is:

Renters pay $300 rent + $75 for bills. They are also expected to contribute 10 hours a month of labour. Ideally renters would be available during the first week of August during Shambhala to help with animal care while we are away working harm reduction.

WOOFers commit to 25 hours per week in exchange for room and board. Tasks include helping Andi prep herbal medicine, attending weekly markets, taking care of animals, building infrastructure, child care and working in the garden. WOOFer’s must the available during the first week of August when we go away to work harm reduction at Shambhala.

The spaces we have available are a trailer and a school bus. Both have been renovated into super quaint living spaces. Both spaces have power, cook stoves, storage, beds and wood stoves. There is running water, a phone with unlimited long distance, a guest room, laundry, 2 deep freezes, an art room and internet in the main house. Arrangements to access the main house will be made on an individual basis with renters/WOOFers.


What we are looking for:

We want to live with people who have a clear understanding of consent and boundaries. It is a requirement that people we share space with be queer and/or trans identified, or at least allies who are committing to ongoing work unpacking these issues. We would be most excited about folks who have some understanding of anti-oppression politics – especially with regards to anti-racism and settler colonization, but really this matters less to us than folks who we vibe well with. We would like to live with people who come with some skills, but we feel an attitude of being open to learning is more important than anything else. Also we are expecting a baby in November and we do hang out with littles sometimes, so being ok with kids is pretty important to us.  We are planning on raising a barn this summer, so we’d love folks who are into helping out with that project. The barn raising will be a huge part of the work the WOOFer contributes to.

For renters we are looking for someone who has financially stability and an ability to mindfully maintain their living space. For WOOFers we are looking for people who are hard working, excited about learning rural skills and who work well in teams and independently.

The two people currently living here are andi and Kori. You can click on our names to be directed to our websites and get a sense of who we are.


If you are interested in coming to live at the Homostead for the summer..

send us at email at andi[@] with the following info:

– are you interested in WOOFing or renting?
– how long would you like to stay?
– why are you interested in coming to stay at the homostead?
– what do you offer as a renter/WOOFer?
– what do you need as a renter/WOOFer to feel good in a living/working arrangement?

This is one of our goats. Her name is bell hooks. Photo from

Images for this post come from Rebecca