How I made and how I use my Herpes Heal Kit

Recently I was sent an email asking how I made and how I use my Herpes Heal Kit. The email I wrote went into quite a bit of detail, so I have reproduced it here, with some amendments, for you all to learn more about this medicine.

My herpes remedy is hand made with wild crafted herbs from Sinixt territory.

The tincture is made with lemonbalm, usnea, glycerine, water and brandy.

The tincture is sweet,yummy and gentle. Lemonbalm is anti-viral and calming. It supports the nervous system, lessens the effect of the virus and reduces stress. Usnea supports the immune system and helps clear infections like herpes, utis and kidney infections.

For the internal medicine I chose to use more lemonbalm than usnea to help calm the nervous system, reduce the body’s stress response and fight the virus internally. The usnea helps with cleansing and immune support as well.

Usnea - photo taken by my lovely friend Moe
Usnea – photo taken by my lovely friend Moe

The salve is made with usnea, lemonbalm, oil and beeswax. It has more usnea than lemonbalm. I did this because i wanted the medicine to focus more on healing the blister by drawing heat away from the skin and fighting the viral outbreak. That said the lemon balm also helps calm the pain and itchiness and fight the virus.

I use both these medicines myself. I have been working on crafting herbal remedies for years and this combo has proven the most effective for me of all the methods I’ve tried. I’ve gotten similar feedback from friends about it.

I use the medicine primarily as a preventative tool. If I notice myself feeling worn down, over-tired, depressed, anxious or sniffly I would take the tincture. If my skin feels irritated I will use the salve topically. I find the medicine very often fights off break outs before they get full blown. I dose based on how I’m feeling. The closer I feel to a break out, the more of the medicine I take. I try to trust my body and work with the plants based on feeling.

I wouldn’t advise taking the tincture more than 1 vial or 30 drops 4 x day.

When I have a break out I use the salve on the break out until it goes away. I take one squeeze/vial of the tincture about 4 x per day until the break out stops. I also try to drink lots of water and rest.

usnea - again photo taken by my lovely friend Moe
usnea – again photo taken by my lovely friend Moe

I think it would be possible to use this medicine daily if someone was having very frequent break outs, but that is not something I have done so I can’t speak to its efficacy as daily medicine. If it were a daily medicine for someone I would also recommend diet and lifestyle changes to support the body’s ability to keep the virus at bay.

I’m available to work as a consultant if someone wants to make a personal plan to lessen their break outs. You can email me at andi(@) to set up a consultation.

The medicine ranges in price depending on how much you need. The more you buy the cheaper it is considering how much you get. There are three sizes:

Mini – which is sample pack really. It’s enough to treat one break out.
Medium – would be enough for someone with infrequent break-outs to use as a preventative medicine regularly (this is the size I use) or break out treatment a few times a year.
Large –  this size is the most medicine for your money. I would reccomend this size for anyone who wants to use this medicine as a daily treatment.

This medicine should not be used a daily treatment for pregnant people for more than three weeks at a time.

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