artist call out

are you a visual artist? do you want to share your work with a new online audience?

i’m thinking of how i want to source images for my website. especially for my blogs and social media presence. it would be rad to be able to source and share images from my community.

do you have images you want to share? work you want me to help uplift?

here’s the details: if you share some images with me (through a google drive folder), then i will link the images to your website, or wherever you want it linked to. i will also include a credit/gratitude note at the end of the piece about your work. and if i use your images frequently i will gift you an herbal medicine package. if i was in a position to pay you for your images i would. i’m working to be in a position to do that, in future.

lemme know if you’re interested and lets talk about how to make image sharing work for both of us.

totally open to feedback about how this process would feel most awesome for folks.

here is what i’m looking for/working on:
anything magical or plant based. animals are also good. and super queer images also. i write a lot about abortion, ancestry work, boundaries, magic, self care, anti-racism, herbal medicine. and in summer i’ll be focusing more on barn building and harm reduction. i’m also into wisom giving images. things that are femmey and ethereal and gorgeous. also love vintage plants.

feel free to send me an email if you’re interested to andi[@]

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